10pcs Cutting Wheel Discs 3/4 Diamond Cut off Rotary for Dremel Craftsman Metal

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 10 Discs Size (18mm. Aprox. 3/4″ inch) Carbon Steel Diamond Wheel Blades Dremel Rotary Cutting Tool Accessories With 2 Mandrel Arbor Cutting Off Disc 10pcs Tool

100% brand new.
18mm aprox. 3/4″inch cutting discs with diamond
coating on both sides. Come with 3mm aprox 1/8″ inch diameter mandrel, these cutting
discs will fit most rotary tools. These cutting discs are perfect for
jobs like model making and the like.

  • Size: aprox. 3/4″
  • 0.02″ in thickness
  • Cuts along its edge ONLY..
  • For cutting metal with limited use on wood and plastic. Cut-off wheels
    make it easy to cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood, and
    plastic. Only Use the cut-off wheel along its edge. Do not attempt to
    sand or cut curved holes with them.

Grain fineness number: Approx. 150.
Disc Diameter: 18 mm (Approx. 0.71″).
Center Hole Diameter: 3 mm (Approx. 0.12″).
Disc Thickness: 0.6mm (Approx. 0.02″).
Shank Diameter: 3 mm (Approx. 0.12″).
Material: Carbon steel.

Package List:
Cutting Discs x10 Pcs
Mandrel x2pcs